Legally binding Mediation, ADR, and Negotiation Services

Save money

Mediation is a fraction of the cost of Court and Employment Tribunal actions. Thousands of pounds are saved each day on not paying for expensive Courts, trials, tribunals, legal fees, solicitors, barristers and experts.

Be more efficient

Disputes waste money on formal procedures, lost of productivity, manpower and resources standby burning non-productive expense as investigation into disputes proceed.

Save Time

Mediation is simply faster and a more effective way forward rather than entering lengthy Court or Tribunal proceedings.


No Court, no Judges, no tribunal, mediation procedures are less formal, and not intimidating. Meeting can take place in any neutral venue of your choice such as your solicitors office, your place of work, your home or a local accessible venue if you prefer.

Damage limitation

Mediation will help to repair, preserve, strengthen and maintain pre-existing or new relationships which could are compromised by litigation, in the Courts and Employment Tribunals.

You’re 100% in control

Mediation allows you to make your own decisions and to design your own outcome, you decide on what course of action should be taken and what you want the outcome to be, unlike a Judge or Arbitrator deciding for you.

100% Confidential & Private

The mediation process is completely classified, any negotiated settlement of your dispute is entirely without prejudice, its private and wholly confidential, nothing discussed by either party can be used in court.

Absolutely Nothing to lose

If an amicable agreement cannot be reached you have lost nothing and your legal rights will not be affected, whereby if you wish you can still go through Court or other practices to try and resolve your dispute.

Be Warned

Court litigation and employment tribunals usually only provide one winner and one loser, and solely for a monetary outcome, mediation allows for a win-win outcome and can provide one or a combination of the following outcomes;

compensation, damages, a refund,an apology, an explanation, replacing goods or a change in policy or behaviour

Legally Binding

We can negotiate your resolution so that the agreement is 100% legally binding.Going straight to legal action is a long and stressful path taking months or years to commence or find a satisfactory outcome.

Court Actions are Long, Expensive and are not value for money.

mediat will always attempt to respond within the same working day of your request, please telephone, email or fill in the response form