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Civil and Commercial Mediation Services

When two or more parties are in dispute, mediation is an effective solution for the issue that confronts them. This solution is useful to bring structure when an ordinary negotiation can not. In this case, a mediator -a neutral, independent professional- assists all the parts in negotiation to find a mutual agreement. This settlement is always agreed by the parties, the mediator will not determine it. The participation of this figure must be agreed upon by all the involved parties and works only as an aid to reinforce arguments towards an agreement.

Selecting the right mediator might be crucial to reach an agreement. Get in touch with us to tell us about your requirements and expectations so we might determine the recommended mediators to help you get a settlement that satisfies you. 

Contractual/Civil/Consumer Disputes Mediation Services

This process seeks a resolution when a consumer acquires a service or product and something goes wrong. Some examples of the situations this service covers are:

Inadequate for the purpose

The product does not work
Delivery is not made
Defects or flaws on the product crafting
Being a supplier of parts for the product, or the product itself, and not being paid.

This mediation is aimed to satisfy the affected party but also trying to deliver the provider’s possible causes of the issue. This exercise is aimed to bring a positive resolution for the parts involved.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes Mediation Services

There are situations in which landlords and tenants find themselves into conflictive situations, like the delay or avoidance of rent payments or harms caused to the property inhabited by the tenant. When these scenarios appear and no solution seems to be found, a mediation service for this might be pretty useful.

In these situations, the mediator will encourage a conversation with contribution spirits where there was originally none of this. This process can bring out easy solutions after talking or, on the other hand, unveil major conflicts that were not originally mentioned.

If the landlord problems find their origin in discrimination due to sex, race or another illegal reason, you should not use mediation solutions and go file a lawsuit instead.

Commercial Mediation Services

This kind of mediation involves individuals, business owners, banks, contractors, insurers, loan companies, governmental instances and, sometimes, the combination of some of these. This service is widely helpful for solving situations, like breaches in contracts, eminent domains, mortgage foreclosures, in which a commercial agreement is not reached and the avoidance of a litigation case is something all the involved parts long for.

Mediating these conflicts can save huge amounts of money and time and provides a solution that satisfies all the conflicting parts. 

IR35 Mediation Services

This is a piece of the UK tax legislation that relates to off-payroll workers. With this law, the government identifies deemed employees and ensures they get taxed correctly. However, this law can generate an impact on those companies that operate with a limited structure due to its functioning nature.

This implies that a hiring company may incur in conflict situations if they do not regulate the off-payroll services they receive. Mediation in this case allows the companies that might become impacted by this new legislation to find a fast, satisfying solution, as well as the steps to be taken, to line up with this new law and avoid future conflicts.

Construction Mediation Services

This industry is famous for being one of the most conflict ridden ones. This has made the construction disputes typically end up in litigation processes, which costs and time needed are considerably higher than any alternative dispute resolution method, being these latter the processes that have been giving the best results for these situations.

Mediation in construction conflicts can be used in different types of conflicts and even in different phases of these, providing a possible solution that is always better, faster, and cheaper than going to court.

Neighbour Mediation Services

Noise, racism, territory boundaries and other social situations may cause conflicts to appear and trigger uncomfortable situations for the involved parts and other members of the community in which they live.

When approached in the right phase, mediation can provide an early solution and recover good terms between neighbours, avoiding the strain of having the authorities involved and escalating a simple process to a higher instance. Mediation in this case, promotes a neutral ground where all the perspectives and arguments can be understood and taken into account to find a satisfying solution for the conflicting parties.

Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence Mediation Services

In case you or any of your loved ones becomes injured by the mispractice of a medical procedure, the clinical institution and you might find in mediation a quicker solution to settle an agreement that can either promote the injury recovery or other kinds of compensation that both parts find satisfying.

This service is useful for failed practices within medical premises, like wrongful birth, injuries caused by doctors or nurses, injuries caused either on the mother or child during delivery, or a failure to reach an accurate diagnosis. Nevertheless, there are some other situations that happen off the medical premises, like nursing care,that can be resolved with this service.

Professional Negligence Mediation Services

When service providers, like financial advisers, architects, property surveyors and valuers, or even your legal advisers, fail at providing an effective service to their customers and this causes harm to these latter, this service might be a useful way to reach an agreement before this becomes a major problem.
Mediating these situations might require, in some cases (architectural and engineering setbacks, for example), the valuation of the harm caused so the mediator can have a clear image of how time and financial resources spent and the outcome of this to deliver an adequate mediation strategy.

Property Disputes Mediation Services

This service is really effective in the early stages of a property dispute. This solution gives the involved parties a chance to mutually propose solutions and establish position to not only settle an agreement on the property but also to maintain the relationships that could have been harmed with this situation.

It is important to point out that the mediator will not come up with a solution for the dispute, this figure will only try to manage the communication in which both parts are aware of the other’s claims and, with this, help the parts reach an agreement themselves.

Shareholders / Partnerships Mediation Services

Sometimes, the shareholders of a company might not get along and this might result in conflicts that harm not only their daily coexistence but also the results of the company they have invested time and money in, leading to operational problems and, in major cases, to its ruin.

Our Mediation service is useful when these conflicts are in a phase in which harm is not done yet or can still be reversed. This solution not only recovers the operational part between the shareholders, it canal so restore the broken parts between them that were not taken care of before.

Technological Mediation Services

(This is the name of a theory. We should check with our customer if there is an example of the situations this service solves or if it can be signaled in other of the services that have been already developed)

Workplace Mediation Services

During the time people spend working, it becomes probable to find conflict due to having different values, perspectives, or plans. In some other cases, harassment, mobbing and some other uncomfortable situations that might lead employees to leave or decrease their normal productivity rates.

With this service, we can help companies solve problems of any nature related to workplace issues. At the same time, we provide a useful asset for HR, management, and legal departments when quick, satisfying solutions are needed. 

Employment Mediation Services

An employee gives their employer a great part of their lives and, in exchange, they demand the best available conditions that they and their families can get from the work they perform every day. When this is not achieved or taken from them, problems can appear.

Our mediation services helps companies and employers to find solutions to situations involving employment conditions, contracts, pay, discipline procedures and other topics that might be relevant for the conflicting parts.