Trusts of land and appointment of trustees’ act 1996 (claim for declaration of beneficial interests jointly owned property/occupational rent/equitable accounting & order for sale)

“Simon is a skilled and well accomplished mediator. Cannot recommend enough” claimant’s solicitor

1975 act claim – cohabitee

“excellent mediator who clearly explained the mediation process to my client and made her feel more at ease. This was a very difficult mediation and Christopher had to discuss some very emotional issues with my client, but he did so in a sensitive way whilst also emphasizing the other side’s point of view. Christopher clearly explained the risks of taking the matter to court and encouraged the parties to settle on the day which they did. I would highly recommend Christopher as a mediator and even my client commentated on what a good job he did!” claimant’s solicitor

1975 act claim – claim by adult child

“very well prepared, great grasp of the issues, personalities and dynamics and a settlement achieved.’ partner, defendant’s solicitors

1975 act claim – person being maintained by the deceased

‘I was very impressed with the mediator’s service – he came across as well informed, efficient and had a calm manner which was reassuring for my client, who was particularly anxious.’ partner claimant’s solicitors

Trusts of land and appointment of trustees’ act 1996 (claim for an enhanced beneficial interest by beneficiary of one joint openers of a property)

‘Both the mediator and the observer were very professional. Alistair’s calm and friendly approach made my client feel more at ease when mediation can be a very stressful experience for clients. Alistair took time to clearly explain the mediation process and to stress the negative consequence of litigation proceedings if the matter did not settle at mediation. Most importantly the parties reached an agreement and my client was very pleased with the result.’

Dispute between siblings following parent’s death

‘Very efficient and personable and professional, kept us informed throughout so mediation went very smoothly’

Trusts of land and appointment of trustees’ act 1996 & schedule 1 Childrens act 1989

‘The mediation was unsuccessful however Paul worked tirelessly to try and find common ground.’ partner claimants’ solicitors

Probate (contested and claims against an estate)

‘I have instructed Nigel as a mediator for a number of contentious probate cases over the last few months and have been extremely impressed on each occasion. His style and approach with the clients, as well as his communication with the respective legal teams, has certainly assisted with successful resolution of most of the disputes.’ solicitor

Probate (brothers in dispute over the past 22 years – numerous issues)

‘my client and i cannot thank Christopher enough for his assistance throughout the mediation. Achieving any sort of settlement in this dispute, which has been ongoing for 20+ years, seemed like the impossible dream. However, Christopher worked his magic and an agreement was reached which will allow my client to move on from this and, hopefully, the administration of his father’s estate to be finalised some 22 years on. Christopher was well prepared on the day and had clearly read the bundle and taken time to understand the issues at hand. I would not hesitate to use him again, and very much hope to do so in the not too distant future.’ defendant’s solicitor

Trusts of land and appointment of trustees’ act 1996 (claim for an enhanced beneficial interest and occupational rent)

‘He achieved what i thought would be impossible and got an agreement’ litigant in person

Probate (1975 act claim by adult child)

“Christopher was well organised, had a good understanding of the issues, was approachable ad dealt with lay clients well and achieved a satisfactory result. We would like to thank him for his efforts.” defendant’s solicitor

Challenge to the validity of a will

“excellent communication skills and kept a good momentum during the mediation. Partner.

Probate (1975 act claim by adult child)

“Alison was well prepared and helpful, he gained the confidence of my client and certainly contributed to a successful outcome”. Partner acting for the defendant.

Claims against the estate and challenges to the validity of a transfer and will

“Christopher was very ‘user friendly’ and encouraged the parties to put aside personal differences to the extent possible and focus on ‘the long game’ and the costs which would ultimately be incurred if the dispute went to litigation. Christopher was extremely easy to work with and i would have no hesitation is using his services again”. Partner acting for the defendant.

Probate (1975 act claim on behalf of two minor children)

“having worked with Christopher once before, i was optimistic that he would be the person to resolve this matter to my clients’ satisfaction – i was not disappointed! Both my clients and i were really impressed with Christopher’s mediation style – my clients particularly were grateful for the assistance he gave and for the way he explained the process to them initially. Thank you, Christopher,” defendants’ solicitors

Removal of executor

“Ian was exemplary. His approach was objective, rigorous and adroit. His style was engaging, very attentive and human.

Ian enabled both parties to find a resolution that worked for both without any loss of dignity or respect. He made the difference in an intractable situation that would otherwise have gone back to court and to trial. I would highly recommend him.” defendant

Challenge to the validity of a will

“i found Sarah very approachable, and easy to talk to, this put me at ease from the outset, and i felt that i could discuss the dispute with him’. Participant in person.

Probate (1975 act claim by adult child)

“a very assured mediator. A very good grip of the issues was shown. I will definitely use him again.” claimant’s solicitor

Probate (1975 act claim by spouse)

“Catherine was brilliant. This was my first mediation since qualifying and she put both me and my client as ease while ensuring that the reality of the situation was at the forefront of the client’s mind.” defendant’s solicitor

Breach of trust

“i would not hesitate to book this mediator again” defendants’ solicitor

Probate (1975 act claim by minor children/adult children and cohabitee)

“Christopher was extremely focused on getting this matter resolved. He was impartial and independent of all parties and was great at moving the matter forward. We were all greatly impressed by his professionalism and ability to focus on the objectives of all parties.” solicitor for the main beneficiary under the will

Probate (1975 act claim by adult children)

“i was really impressed with Christopher’s demeanour and mediation style. He made my clients feel more relaxed during what was a very stressful time and as a result they were able to focus on what they wanted to achieve rather than dwell on the emotive issues. I was delighted that the dispute was settled on the day so my clients can now begin the grieving process for their late father” – claimants’ solicitor

Probate/breach of trust claims – (1975 act claim by adult children and alleged secret trust)

“Johnathon was patient and made the client feel that he understood what he [the client] was trying to achieve. A good outcome was secured.” – defendant’s solicitor.

Probate/1975 act dispute (long term cohabitee)

“Simon was sensitive to the client’s needs, had a good grasp of the law and the legal issues and was ultimately able to achieve a suitable settlement for all parties in good time” claimant’s solicitor

Validity of a will – capacity

“Christopher controlled the mediation very well. He managed the expectations of the parties which greatly assisted in guiding them towards a resolution. Thank you” – claimant’s solicitor

Proprietary estoppel

“Mr Edwardes (Simon) was instrumental in achieving a settlement in a case that opponents were inadvertently turning into an unnecessarily long and drawn out process.” – claimant’s legal representative

Trusts of land and appointment of trustees’ act 1996

“Susan did a great job of mediation. I will be recommending him to colleagues.” – defendant’s solicitor

“we were extremely pleased with Christopher’s work” litigants in person

Probate/validity of a will (s.9 wills act 1837)

“Varinder achieved an excellent result in bringing the parties together to achieve an unexpected settlement of a painful and drawn out family dispute. My client is very happy and relieved with the result. In addition to his tremendous efforts during a long day, Christopher made himself available to communicate helpfully with the parties’ representatives before the mediation and afterwards.” – partner defendant’s solicitors

Probate/1975 act dispute

“ezzine was excellent. He treated both participants and their representatives with utmost courtesy and respect. He was not afraid to ask hard questions but did so in a sensitive manner and was intuitive to the strong emotions felt by all involved. An excellent mediator whom i would have no hesitation recommending to others.” – defendant’s solicitor

Claim against an executor

“my clients were really happy with the outcome of the mediation” – claimant’s solicitor

Dispute with trustee

“lizzie was very effective, and really great result” – defendants barrister

Probate/1975 act dispute

“i got a huge amount from this observation and Christopher is truly impressive as a mediator.” – observer.

“Christopher is the most impressive mediator, he has great presence and control” – senior partner, claimant’s solicitor

Breach of contract

“i would not hesitate to use mediat again” partner, defendant’s solicitor


“very difficult to improve the service you provided.” – litigant in person